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About 7 Day Real Estate

A Little About Us

The 7 Day Real Estate team have been investing in property for decades. These investments have been for ourselves, and for partners. Over the years we’ve bought and sold hundreds of properties. The team also contains realtors certified in three states.

For ourselves personally, and for our own business, we’ve found the DISC approach to personality assessments and communication hugely valuable. It’s been useful when recruiting, helping our team work together, and when communicating with prospects and clients. And that’s why we became certified in the DISC approach.

Our exclusive focus is DISC assessment and training that helps real estate professionals present themselves more effectively, and communicate in a more authentic and impactful way with prospects and clients.

How You Benefit

The DISC training and assessments we offer is designed to help you:

  • Understand yourself better
  • Understand your prospects and clients better
  • Communicate more effectively (in a natural and authentic way)
  • Build stronger relationships with prospects, clients, colleagues and partners

The Team

7 Day Real Estate was founded and is led by Wayne Law.

Wayne has been investing in real estate and managing properties for over 30 years. He’s also a licensed realtor in three states.

He became a DISC certified trainer in 2000 as he found the DISC assessments and methodology incredibly helpful for himself, his team, and for effective communication in business and in life.

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