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Our Training

Our Assessments & Training

An Overview

The assessments and training we offer are designed to quickly give you:

  • A better understanding of yourself
  • A better understanding of your prospects, clients, colleagues and partners
  • An understanding of how to naturally communicate in an authentic way for more positive results every day

And this all leads to helping you communicate in a way that attracts more prospects, referrals, and closed deals.

What You Receive

When you come on board as a client, you receive:

Step 1: DISC Personality Assessment

When you come on board as a client you have the option of two core assessments:

  • Level 2
  • Level 4

And you also have the option of including a sales skills assessment.

Each of these assessments are taken online, take around an hour to complete, and it’s best you take them when you know you’ll be able to focus and won’t be interrupted.

These assessments are designed to find the truth about your personality (that you likely aren’t aware of). This is then presented to you in the form of a hugely in depth report.

Step 2: Exclusive Online Training

Once you’ve taken your assessment – and – before we send you your report, you get access to our exclusive online training.

It’s important you go through this training and complete it before you see your report.

The reason for this is it’s vital you understand the DISC concepts before you start reading your report, otherwise you risk:

  • Being overwhelmed with information
  • Not understanding the report
  • And importantly – not knowing how to apply and benefit from it

Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll receive your report. Take some time to read through it, before you book your debriefing call with us.

Step 3: 90 minute “DISC Debriefing” session

Once you’ve taken your assessment, complete the training, and read through your report, the final step is to book a call with a member of the team here.

This 90 minute call will help you:

  • Understand every detail of your report
  • Become aware of how to apply these discoveries in your real estate business
  • Talk through how what you’ve discovered can help you communicate better, work better, attract more prospects, and close more deals.

Step 4: Invitation to all client-only events we run

As a client, you also get an exclusive invitation to every event we run.

These may run every three months, and as a client you get access at no extra cost (and we promise you’ll get a ton of value from every event you attend).

These events will cover (among other topics):

  • Generating more leads
  • Automating much (even most) of your prospect and client follow-up
  • Getting more visible in your local area
  • Building ever-stronger relationships with prospects and clients

Here’s How You Benefit

Here are just a few of the ways our assessments, training, calls, and events, help you to thrive as a real estate professional:

Better and easier relationships with prospects, clients, and other real estate professionals.
A bigger network
Easily attracting more prospects through communication
Easily generating more referrals through communication / network
More deals closed more easily
Bigger deals

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